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Implementation of the project “Introduction of digital technologies in Lazerių Trio”

Lazerių Trio MB is implementing the project “Introduction of digital technologies in Lazerių Trio MB”, which will introduce modern digital technologies in the company’s activities. This investment will help Lazerių trio to produce products that meet the needs of the market and to expand its production capacity. As quality products are more expensive and the digitalised production process is less costly, this will allow the company’s sales revenue, profitability and productivity to grow.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The title of the project is “Introduction of digital technologies in Lazerių Trio”.
The project promoter is Lazerių Trio MB.
The aim of the project is to digitise the company’s production processes and create conditions for increasing labour productivity.
The eligible costs of the project are EUR 616 970,00.
The European Regional Development Fund will provide up to EUR 201 250,00 for the implementation of the project
The project will start on 1 April 2020.
The project will end on 24-05-2022.

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