Laser cutting of non-metals

Technical capabilities of CO2 laser cutting:

  • Laser power: 100 W
  • Working area: 900mm x 600mm

Materials to be cut and engraved:

  • Various plastics up to 8mm thick
  • Wood up to 12 mm thick
  • Leather up to 3 mm thick

CO2 Laser cutting is precise, fast and one of the most cost-effective ways to machine sheet materials. This method of material processing requires precision, with high demands on accuracy and exceptional design. Laser cutting opens up endless possibilities in the production of complex shapes, in the advertising production sector, in architecture, in the preparation of models, layouts, souvenirs and many other areas. Laser cutting of wood, veneer, various plastics, org. glass, cardboard, fabrics, leather, etc. Our carbon dioxide laser ensures a clean cut, a safe technological process and easy operation for the laser machine operator.